Chatbots vs Personal Communication: What Makes the Best Customer Service?

Customer service is at the core of every business venture, and knowing how chatbots benefit customers is the key to high conversion rates, sales, and repeat customers.

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Customer Experience with Chatbots or Personal Communication

To make customer interaction and service more accessible, business owners started seeking ways to improve on what they already had. For this reason, chatbots got created as a form of online communication, as well as automated help desk software. With it, businesses no longer had to worry about leaving their customers hanging with their problems, or the time it takes to proffer solutions.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an advanced form of software engineering that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to communicate with human beings through a live chat interface.

It either pops up on a business’s website or appears on their app. Often, it shows as a small round button below a business page or at the top and can be at either side.

It can either be the business logo or a human face and works based on a predefined scenario asking the question, “How may I help” or goes straight to offer tips or solutions based on the activities of the customer. With a high AI programming, chatbots can answer deep and technical questions, can engage emotions, and deliver tips on how to best use a website, or collect customer information.

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Based on a report by Oracle, in 2020, 80% of businesses who are not already using chatbots plan to jump on the bandwagon, and back in 2017, Ubsiend predicted that more customers, about 35% would want businesses to adopt chatbots as a means of communication.

The question, therefore, becomes, what makes this system of online communication more effective than the traditional ways of communicating with customers? Why replace human support staff with software? The answers to these questions lie in giving customers the best experience ever, and what this entails will be discussed next.

What Makes the Best Customer Service?

With online communication or chatbots, the goal is to leave every customer pleased with the outcome of their transactions and queries, which will transform to a higher conversion rate, sales, and repeat patronage. Note that the difference between successful businesses and less successful ones are sometimes happy customers. 

To this end, what makes the best customer experience includes:

Effective and Free-Flowing Live Chats

With live communication or chatbots, customers get to have the same kind and quality of conversation they would get with customer service staff. The best part is there’s no manual or training course for a customer to learn how to use chatbots; it’s a simple click and ask technique.

Also, a chatbot is designed to scan keywords in a customer’s question and deliver the best-prepackaged answer. With AI, chatbots often go beyond the question asked to provide more tips and make the conversation more humane. It helps that the answers are not generic, but personalized, and tailored specifically to meet a person’s needs.

Another quality that enhances live chats with chatbots is the fact that it does not have a bad day or mood swings. So, even though a customer repeats a question severally, it answers in the same cordial manner, and it is always happy to help.

No Availability Limitation

While customer service staff have a closing time and return to their homes, chatbots do not. It is available all day every day; it does not go on vacation except it is getting an upgrade, it does not call in sick, and certainly do not leave its “Desk.”

The point is, whenever a customer has a need or a burning question, the person gets an answer no matter the time of day because chatbots have no availability limitations. It is available in real-time with solutions, and it takes away the problem of waiting for the customer service staff to resume or reply to an email or leave a voicemail.

Effective Time Management with Less Stress

Every customer who has ever called a business helpline has experienced being on hold for a few seconds, sometimes minutes, while they wait for a customer service staff to become available. In the process, time gets wasted, and sometimes the customer gets tired of waiting.

Chatbots came as a solution to time-wasting. It manages the time of customers by providing quick and effective solutions. Also, by reducing the stress associated with calling a support staff, it makes the best customer experience and sends the message that there’s a value on the person’s time.

Effective Query Management and Feedback Attitude

Machines can only give back what they are built for or programmed to deliver. To this end, the feedback a customer gets from chatbots will always be positive, as long as that’s the programming it is working with. 

Note that while chatbots are expected to give good responses, it is not human, and often, it might take a more practical approach which is more effective. Thus, it can effectively manage queries, give feedback with the right attitude, and never gets tired of answering the same question. It helps customers achieve their goals and bring about a deep sense of satisfaction.

A Smooth Journey from Start to Finish

Take a moment to picture a person who is a first-time visitor to a website; he or she is interested in making a purchase but has doubts about the process involved or the authenticity of a product. 

With chatbots, the person gets to ask questions in real-time, get prompt answers, and have assistance as it begins the purchase process from start to finish. Chatbots will also provide or clarify information on shipping, payment options, discount or coupon availability, product usage, and even go as far as offering suggestions for other products and services.

It helps a customer have a smooth journey from start to finish, and helps to get repeat patronage. People are always looking for easier and faster ways to do things, and chatbots deliver it to them.

Having the Best Customer Experience

A product might be the best in the market, but if customers have a hard time getting information about it, or purchasing it, then it’s not useful to anyone. The best customer experience will not only keep a business going, but it also provides free marketing.

Online communication or chatbots guarantee the above, and as a primary source of technical support, it will enhance marketing, sales, and retention. It is critical to business success, and as a virtual customer service agent, it brings business owners and customers closer and ensures the latter gets only the best experiences.

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