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What do I get?

By purchasing any package, you get fully downloadable .php script solution to be installed on your server with easy-to-use installer and ability to customize anything.

Is there a setup fee?

If you don't have a chance to install UseResponse on your server, we can do it for you. You'll need to order installation credit. Otherwise there is no setup fee and you can use built-in installer.

What's included in Support & Upgrades?

With Commercial package you get 1 year of free support and upgrade of the product. Users with free package are provided support with lower priority

If I cancel the account, can I get the refund?

According to our Refund Policy, you can get refund during 30 days period without any questions asked.

Why do I have your logos at the bottom?

All our packages include our logos at the bottom of each page. If you'd like to remove our logos, you can order 'Branding Removal' while purchasing any package or later at your profile for 1-time fee $299.

Features Free Corporate
Feedback System
4 Response Types
User Rating
Comments & Tagging
Basic Widgets
3rd Party Logins
Anonymous Responses & Votes
Negative Voting
Responses Priority
Ban Users
Official Answers
Activity & History
Administration View
Custom Logo, Slogan, Description
Email Templates Customization
Lock Comments
Best Comment
Rss & Subscriptions
Trash & Archive
Schedule Jobs
Localization Support
Users unlimited unlimited
Full Source Code  
Roles & Permissions  
Backup Module  
Files & Attachments  
Knowledge Base  
Single Sign-On  
Categories & Products  
HelpDesk & Visibility  
Live Chat  
Surveys & Polls  
Support & Upgrade   $199/year 1st Year - FREE

For all EU customers without valid VAT ID, it will be added to the package prices

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