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Convert visitors into real customers with live chat widget and popular messengers using Cloud or On-Premise Live Chat Software built on PHP
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Communicate Using Popular Channels

live-chat-channel-fb.png FB Messenger
live chat viber Viber
live chat whatsapp WhatsApp
Instagram Direct and Live Chat integration Instagram
live chat vk VK
live chat wechat WeChat
live chat telegram Telegram
live chat line Line
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Never Miss Your Customers Again

Any Device

Your customers can use any device to contact support

Any Platform

Integrate in IOS, Android, web application to provide on-site or in-app support

Most Languages

Localized to more than 5 languages to provide multi-brand, multilingual support

Better Communication Experience

Be where your customers are. Integrate live chat software with WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, Line, or Vkontakte. Manage all your customer communications from a single dashboard and create chatbots. Collect user credentials and request details even when you are offline.
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Live Chat is Great When Branded

Show your agents avatars to personalize support
Brand colors, styles and type of the widget
Customize widget button to display required messengers
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Scale & Automate Your Live Chat with Omnichannel Chatbot

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Provide support 24/7 and empower customer self-service using UseResponse linear chatbots. Easily create chatbots for various messengers.
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“UseResponse is great to work with. Support is provided quickly and efficiently. Their live chat software is so flexible that nearly anything you want to do can be done with automation. They also prove timely and important improvements for our php installed instance.”
Matt Wilson
Integration Architect, YellowFin BI
UseResponse AI Live Chat Software FAQs

Can Live Chat be integrated with various messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger?

Absolutely, our Live Chat Software seamlessly integrates with popular messaging platforms including WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and more, allowing you to centralize communications and engage with customers on their preferred channels.

Is the Live Chat widget customizable to match my brand identity?

Yes, you can fully customize the Live Chat widget, including colors, styles, and avatars, to ensure it aligns perfectly with your brand's visual identity and enhances user experience.

How does Live Chat support global customer bases?

Our Live Chat Software supports multiple languages, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to provide support and engage with a global audience.

Can Live Chat help in reducing response times and improving support efficiency?

Definitely, Live Chat facilitates instant communication, enabling your team to address customer inquiries swiftly, which significantly improves response times and overall support efficiency.

Can Live Chat provide analytics to track agent performance and customer satisfaction?

Yes, our Enterprise Live Chat Software includes comprehensive analytics features that enable you to monitor chat activity, agent performance, and measure customer satisfaction, helping you optimize your support services continuously.

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AI Live Chat Software

Connect Instantly, Support Seamlessly with UseResponse

Transform your customer interactions with UseResponse's LiveChat Software. Designed for teams that prioritize seamless communication and efficiency, our platform ensures you're always connected to your customers. Experience unmatched flexibility, comprehensive integrations, and customizable options that cater to your unique brand identity. With UseResponse, you're equipped to provide real-time support, foster customer relationships, and drive satisfaction, all without the stress of hidden costs.

Enhancing Customer Experiences with UseResponse LiveChat Support Software

Streamlined Support Operations

Simplify your support workflow with our LiveChat Software. Centralize all customer communications, reduce response times, and increase efficiency across your support team.

Instant Connectivity

Connect with your customers instantly, wherever they are. Our LiveChat ensures no customer query goes unanswered, building stronger relationships and trust.

Global Customer Support

Break down language barriers and provide global support with our multi-lingual LiveChat platform, making every customer feel at home.

Customized & Personalized Interactions

Create a unique chat experience with personalized greetings, agent avatars, and customized chat widgets that reflect your brand’s identity.

Always-On Service

Ensure your customers always have access to support with our LiveChat, equipped with intelligent chatbots for 24/7 service.

Comprehensive Support Suite

Equip your team with a full suite of tools including analytics, canned responses, and automated workflows to enhance every customer interaction.

Transforming Communication with Enterprise LiveChat Software

Multi-Channel Support

Centralize your customer interactions by integrating with leading messaging platforms like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and more, ensuring you're where your customers are.

Universal Accessibility

Guarantee constant accessibility for your customers across any device and platform, providing consistent support whether on iOS, Android, or the web.

Multilingual Capability

Break down language barriers with multilingual support, catering to a global audience and enhancing customer experiences across different regions.

Personalized Branded Communication

Elevate your customer service with personalized chat experiences, featuring branded interfaces, agent avatars, and capabilities to collect offline messages.

Comprehensive Support Team Features

Leverage features like lead generation, targeted messaging, and 24/7 automation to enhance support efficiency and agent performance.

Chatbot Automation

Provide round-the-clock support and self-service options with easily programmable chatbots, enhancing customer service without increasing workload.

Extended LiveChat Functionalities

Enrich your live chat capabilities with additional features like attachments, satisfaction ratings, spam protection, and a comprehensive chat history, ensuring a robust support system.

Optimizing Engagement Across Key Teams with AI Live Chat Software

Customer Success Teams

Enable Customer Success Teams to leverage insights from LiveChat interactions to tailor customer journeys, ensuring long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Support Teams

Enhance your Customer Support Teams' efficiency with LiveChat, allowing them to provide timely and effective solutions, thereby improving customer service.

Technology Teams

Provide your Technology Teams with the tools to seamlessly integrate LiveChat into your service platforms, enhancing support capabilities and tech infrastructure.

Transform Your Customer Interactions with UseResponse AI Live Chat

Unlock the full potential of direct customer communication with UseResponse's AI LiveChat Software. Experience a platform that not only brings you closer to your customers but also streamlines your support operations, making every interaction more effective and personal. Start your journey to enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction today.

Enhance Your Customer Conversations

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