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Looking for a functional alternative to Discourse to collect and manage customer feedback?

UseResponse is all-in-one customer service and feedback software designed to improve customer satisfaction.

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UseResponse vs Discourse Functionality Compared

Discourse is a great forum software, but not every great software is a good fit for any business. Discourse is a pretty flexible forum builder and can be customized to be used as a mailing list, community, discussion forum and other. You can host it on your servers, and the open source version is free.

UseResponse Feedback is a modern customer feedback software focused on customer feedback management and product development. It can be used by internal teams, communities, and for opened or closed customer communications. As a stand-alone solution you can use UseResponse to collect, organize, and manage customer feedback. You can also integrate UseResponse Feedback to be a part of Customer Support Suite for better customer self-service. It can be customized the way you want and adopt your brand guidelines.

Feedback Communities
Online community portal

UseResponse Feedback allows creating online feedback communities where customers can suggest new ideas or feature requests, ask questions, and report bugs. With the help of such customer feedback tools companies can improve the communication with their customers and customer self-service.

UseResponse is specialized on feedback management, with all necessary instruments in place. With UseResponse you can also use feedback widget, in-app widget, API and various integrations to collect and store feedback in a single place.

Improved Customer Support
Feature request management

UseResponse focuses on helping businesses to build customer feedback communities to scale customer support, enable peer-to-peer collaboration, collect feature requests and other feedback, promote self-service and create transparent product development process.

UseResponse is highly customizable customer feedback software. You can customize basically everything: from custom feedback forms, reports, the layout and feel of your feedback boards, and even change the wordings.

You can create custom statuses to match your workflow, and run custom reports according to your requirements.

Effective Product Development
Workflow Management

In UseResponse you can use instruments for effective teamwork, such as tasks, internal notes, agent collision function, smart distribution and others.

You can also use Kanban boards help to communicate and manage the development process in a visual way or share the Product Development Roadmaps with public.

Use Smart Notifications to update everyone involved, and keep the feedback loop transparent.

Modern Clean Interface
Choose from the defaul themes or perform complete customization of your portal with CSS/JS.
available on all devices
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“UseReponse comes with a lot of features out of the box. The main reason we adopted UseResponse was to "crowd source" our development roadmap. By using UR, our user can tell us what they want in our products, and based on the number of votes, we can determine priorities. Additionally, there are many great add-ons and integrations available. ”
Jeremy O.
Director of Technology, the Third Floor
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