Refund Policy

We try to provide our customers with product of highest quality and best technical support along with pre-sales support and further maintenance.

To help ensure that our application meet your needs and expectations, you can use Start Free Trial that shows all products features.

Warranty & Satisfaction

You have 30 days money back period from the time of your purchased license to claim the refund of any UseResponse license that we sell.

We will return full amount of money (minus 3.5% transaction fees) of the amount that you have spent on  UseResponse software for unused services, with no questions asked.

How to claim refund?

To claim refund please Submit Request to us or send email to
We'll need full information about your purchase to make sure you are authorized representative of the company or individual that purchased product including but not limited to Invoice#, your username and email in the system, license type, purchase date.

Note: After 30 days period we don’t do refunds, nor you can resell product to third party individual based on accepted EULA.


Installation Credits and Branding Removal purchases are non-refundable!

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