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Idea management software to collect, manage, analyze and act on ideas from your customers, colleagues and partners
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Omnichannel Idea Management Software



Idea Management Software allows you to collect feedback and ideas from various sources: specialized feedback community, widget, social media, IOS & Android platforms.



Get the right input by allowing your community vote for the best ideas and discuss them to improve. Have the best ideas at your fingertips with the right idea management software.



Analyze, identify the best ideas, and build an efficient development roadmap. Engage your team and build flexible development boards for innovation.



Using the right innovation management software, transform suggestions into visible results and share the innovation management progress with your community.

Best Way To Collect
And Manage Ideas
Agent Interface
UseResponse is idea management software specially designed to gather feedback and insights from your customers, employees and partners in an organized and structured way.
Many companies fail to have effective idea management process, where incoming ideas are manageable with perfect idea processing workflows and easy accessibility.
UseResponse Idea Management Software helps to create unified ideas hub to store, prioritize and manage ideas to create effective feedback loop and innovation process.
Prepare Ideation Platform
Prepare the Idea management platform
Setup idea management software to match your idea processing workflow with custom statuses and notification settings using flexible automation rules.
With flexibility and full customization control you can change not just the visual look of your feedback community but also change the wordings, customize the flows, create custom statuses for ideas and make the system that would meet your particular use case in innovation management.
Create closed internal feedback portals for your employees to discuss ideas, problems and post questions;
Create public ideation platforms for innovation management;
Prioritize Wisely
Idea management software admin area
Use tags, custom fields and categories to filter ideas and create custom reports within UseResponse idea management software.
Find out the most trending, popular and important topics based on user votes, user values, NPS or satisfaction scores.
Discuss internally and assign ideas implementation to the right people in your team.
Collaborate Internally
Team work on idea management in idea management software
Use internal notes to share private details with other agents to set meetings, elaborate more details about the further strategy and building development roadmaps.
Set reminders to get notified at the right time.
Create closed ideation community for internal communications.

Build Product Development Roadmaps

Building products development roadmaps in innovation management software
Setup idea management software to match your idea processing workflow with custom statuses and notification settings using flexible automation rules.
Transform ideas into innovations by building efficient public or private product development roadmaps based on the most relevant ideas, involve your team, plan wisely and keep your community engaged.

Get More Than Just Idea Management Software

Issue Tracking

Issue Tracking

Allow users flag issues as an essential part of the product development of help desk ticketing system.

FAQ Tools

FAQ Tool

Capture public questions from your customers to build self-service experience.

problems tracking

Project Management

Assign responsible for any idea, create small tasks and leave private notes for your team.

UseResponse Idea Management Software Features At A Glance

Online Communities
Feedback Widget
Multiple Feedback Channels
User Roles & Permissions
Customization Control
Open & Private Communities
Categorization of Ideas
Custom Fields
Anonymous Ideas & Votes
Status Updates
Single Sign-on
Smart Voting System
Prioritization of Ideas
Automations (triggers)
Dashboards & Reporting
Polls and Announcements
Mupliple Languages
Advanced Analytics
What Our Customers Say
“This customer feedback software helps us very well to get feedback for products. Votes, discussions, customer engagement and product roadmap makes it very transparent to make your plans. Highly recommended for SMB.”
Dmitry Martinkevich
Founder, BearDev
Trusted by 1000+ companies

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