Feedback Community Forum

Organize idea campaigns, Q&A forums, collect feature requests and improve customer self-service. Make the most of customer feedback with a specialized community software.

Create Feedback Community

Online Community Software for transparent idea generation and management. Get actionable insights from your customers, employees, partners or stakeholders.


Open Innovation

Friendly way to ask for feedback. Create community forum for open ideation or add embeddable feedback widget to any page of your site.


Transparent Development

Get comprehensive view of top community suggestions. View each feedback in detail, build relevant Product Development Roadmaps with Kanban boards.

Feedback Community Forum
for Customer Self-Service
Agent Interface
Make it easy for your customers and team to give you feedback, eliminate duplicate ideas and same questions asked again and again.

Create easy-to-use community forum where you can gain valuable insights, provide instant answers to the customers questions, and enable peer-to-peer collaboration, organically build a knowledge base of popular questions.

Organize Platform for Idea Campaigns
Feedback Forum Community Interface
Using UseResponse Community Feedback Software you can create convenient platform for productive collaboration and ideation with your users and team in order to collect feature requests, reviews of your product and ideas on further development to enable open innovation.
Organize private ideation forums for your team members or stakeholders for internal ideation.
Act Upon Feedback
Backend of feedback management
Respond to the customers from the community forum or communicate directly using email. You can always keep track of the conversations and connect them to the feedback. Use effective tools for team collaboration and ideas management.
  • CSAT and Polls
  • Custom Statuses
  • Smart Voting System
  • Product Roadmap Development
  • Private Messages/Notes
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Automations and Smart Responses
Communicate the Development Process
Product Development Radmap
Use Community management software to organize idea campaigns, and get insights for your feedback loop by proactively listening to the ideas of your customers.
Create customer-driven Public Product Development Roadmaps to share the vector and progress of product development with your customers, team and stakeholders.
Constantly update everyone involved automatically by changing statuses, and posting annoucements.

Get More Than Just a Customer Feedback Forum

problems tracking Feature Request Tracking

Collect feature requests, organize them, and manage to communicate the development process with the customers.

Issue Tracking

Issue Tracking

Allow users flag issues as an essintial part of the product development loop.

FAQ Tools

Q&A Forum

Capture public questions from your customers to build better self-service experience.

What Our Customers Say
“We switched to UseResponse feedback tool from another product. UseRepsonse offers similar features for a much better price. Migration, setup, and customization are simple and straightforward. Staff is extremely responsive with support.”
Kiryl Solovey
Co-Founder, GameGild
Trusted by 100+ companies

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